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Cover of Neighbor Newspaper Vol 19

What you goin’ through isn’t permanent, it’s a transition. — Rexx Life Raj

As I reflect on 2021, I thought it was important to share this letter. This is only one of the ways in which I am trying to hold myself accountable to the People. By addressing where Neighbor…

regardless what they say… there can be no belief in amerikkka nor her “democracy”

I must admit that I am personally getting away from the term Black and instead, am being intentional about calling us by our true identity: Afrikan. In this case, however, I will be calling this group of Afrikan people the “Black elite.” As I was preparing to write this message…

Art by Malia Marrable (IG:@lia_jere)

The War On Campus

The empire’s evil education system is all a part of the european genocide against Afrikans and we must not only identify this war against our People but take up the fight to educate our children through our own means. This system does not simply attack our…

Last Day of NP Grocery Giveaway in Oak Park w/ Ceaze The Moment 11.21.21

I feel there are a few terms I will use that should be defined before we begin this essay.

Afrikan — all Peoples whose ancestors indigenously inhabitanted The Continent known as Afrika.

Babylon — a reference to the so-called united states of amerikkka

Empire — a reference to the so-called…

I write this to yall as an open letter, a conversation about the state of our people and how we can get ever closer in our pursuit for freedom. Freedom has eluded our people since europeans left their shores and began their genocidal war against Africa and Africans. When I…

It’s About Time Archive

We think that this educational process is necessary. It is the people that will cause the revolution, the people that will cause the change in the country.

Huey Newton

Today marks the 55th year since the formation of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale…

As the voting populace prepares for the upcoming recall election throughout the land known as the state of California, the unhoused are feeling the full weight of this current political theater between the red and blue wings of amerikkan fascism. In Nisenan Land, despite mayor steinberg’s repeated public promises to…

Jordan McGowan

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