Alone in Apprehension

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Have you ever felt alone, like no one was there to care

The weight of the world on your shoulders, almost too much to bear

See far too many can’t hear the cries because they are simply tryna survive

9–5 then a 5–9, we tryna pimp a butterfly so we can sing along “we gon be aight”

When idols turn to rivals & evolve into the adversaries you oppose

When the evil is all around how can you stop until the land is free & capitalism is dethroned

When the pain buried deep inside begins to escape,

and you can feel the anxiety set in, the change in your hearts pace

The nervous thoughts race through your mind, yet the world focuses in on a single thought

can you feel your fingers trembling, canvassing surroundings, stay dangerous, don’t get got

I feel alone in this struggle, survival has consumed my response

This war for liberation has cost me dearly, it’s my soul that it haunts

I walk alone on this road, seeking a freedom never yet seen

Revolutionaries must accept this fate because in this war for liberation there’s no in between

As I battle these demons to hold it all together

I pray for radical love & peace forever

Written by

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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