This is democracy’s day. A day of history and hope of renewal and resolve through a crucible for the ages. America has been tested anew and America has risen to the challenge. Today, we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate, but of a cause, the cause of democracy. The people, the will of the people, has been heard and the will of the people has been heeded.We’ve learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. At this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.

Joe Biden

In the words of Joe Biden, “amerikkka is back”, so what does that mean? To me it means that amerikkka is back to its regularly scheduled fascism, but so many ask why do I feel that way. As many people celebrate the end of Trump’s term, I believe it is more important than ever for people to be politically educated. As we have seen over the last four years, huge segments of the people have become politically conscious as a result of Donald Trump’s tenure. Seeing as Trump was never a politician, he never figured out how to play the game of amerikkkan politics; this led to his demise. Trump was made out to be the boogeyman, a threat to democracy, and has been demonized as un-amerikkkan. Because of the vilification of Donald Trump, it was up to everyone to save the soul of amerikkka and because of that voting became the vehicle for change, at least that is what we were told. Voting and voter rights became more sacred than ever, I mean when was the last time there was such a concerted effort to ensure Black and Brown people’s votes were counted? People who never had voted; people hit the ground and did the work, and that work was serious labor that should not be neglected. I admit I have pushed back against electoral politics, but folx were extremely organized and were able to mobilize thousands of Black and Brown Indigenous Peoples. It would be foolish to not seek to reach those who have just begun to become politically conscious and active. With that in mind, I come to yall with this: NOW IS THE TIME FOR POLITICAL EDUCATION!

The lies of amerikkka are believed by so many because they start institutionally as soon as kindergarten. Don’t believe me? Just watch 5-year-olds pledge allegiance at the beginning of their school day and ask yourself if that isn’t amerikkkan propaganda at work. Look at the recent political theater that just unfolded. The pomp and circumstance that surrounded the inauguration, just two weeks removed from a “coup.” Look at President Biden’s top priorities for his first 100 days and look at the similarities in actual policy between all presidents. amerikkkanism thrives off the illusion of a unified democracy when in historical comparison it has never been unified unless at the expense of Africans or other Brown Indigenous Peoples, nor has it been democratic.

While analyzing the takeover of the capitol building it is imperative that we address all the aspects of January 6th and how those narratives fit into amerikkkanism. The narrative was painted that the people who descended from all over this colonial empire to take over the capitol and “stop the steal” were unamerikkkan and domestic terrorist, all the while chanting “USA — USA.” The idea that the election was stolen was based on the idea that there were thousands of illegal votes being counted. Well, the illegal votes that happened to steal the election were also the Black and Brown votes that weren’t suppressed for once and it reminds you that it is actually uniquely amerikkkan to hold a democratic election without counting the votes of Black and Brown folx. Allowing these votes to be counted was changing the rules amerikkka has followed for hundreds of years and when amerikkkans feel slighted, they have a tendency to resort to violence to get their demands met.

From their independence from Britain, to manifest destiny, amerikkkans feel justified in being able to take control of anything in this land by force. These people were not unamerikkkan, they were doctors, lawyers, police, Olympians, elected officials; these were those who believe in the amerikkkan dream. The amerikkkan dream is truly a dream of a country for colonizers at the expense of the colonized.

The coup at the capitol was yet another example of the type of violence that white supremacy is capable of. The organization, mobilization and commitment to fight for their cause should raise the alarm for every Black and Brown person to understand the extent to which amerikkans are willing to fight to preserve amerikkanism. It must be properly understood that every symbolic change made in amerikkka is met with a rise in white supremacy vigilantism. This white vigilantism is encouraged and supported by amerikkka in order to point the blame at individuals instead of the entire ideology of amerikkanism. From Birth of A Nation to Trump’s election to January 6th, white supremacists are victims of the same amerikkkan propaganda, believing that amerikkka is changing into a more “just and equal” nation. This is done through careful scripting and manipulation.

The theme of this election cycle was of identity politics and political representation; from Kamala to Stacey Abrams, the senate race and Biden’s cabinet, the idea of representation equating to liberation and equality has been the narrative. Black people saved amerikkka. In the same fashion, Eugene Goodman is being heralded as the hero that “saved the capitol.” This type of propaganda gives off the illusion of a unified amerikkka where a Black man would risk his life in order to protect what is sacred in amerikkka, when in reality Goodman was left to die by his own colleagues. Because of Goodman’s bravery, he was tasked with escorting VP Harris at the inauguration and quickly went viral for his promotion and come up. Goodman proved himself a “good and respectable negro” and was brought into masa’s house. The inauguration served as proof that in amerikkka, protecting the systems of amerikkka, especially at the risk of your own life, can win you favor from the ruling class.

The inauguration was star-studded with politicians and Hollywood stars. From the fireworks to the fashion, the ruling class of amerikkka flaunted their wealth while millions of people suffer from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As roughly 14 million people are behind on rent, the ruling class elite spent between $100–200 million dollars on celebrating the changing of a president, while simultaneously denying us healthcare, housing, and freedom. The masses are left to struggle and starve while the ruling class elite scoffs “let them eat cake.” It is particularly alarming how strong this amerikkkan propaganda machine is when we consider the fact that a colonial subject of amerikkka sang a song celebrating amerikka’s imperialist genocide and there are people stanning murderous politicians for the outfit choice and their friendships with each other. When Black folx are celebrating a Black woman who made her career off of locking up and stepping on Africans and other oppressed folx, a president who is the author of legislation that helped to usher in a newwave of enslavement. But this rebranding isn’t anything new in amerikkka.

Amerikkkanism thrives off the image it is able to portray and because of that the historical rebranding of moments, movements and people are critical to the maintaining of amerikkkanism. The rebranding of George Bush, thanks in large part to the Obamas, highlights this point exactly. As president, George Bush lied to Congress and the public in order to start a war of aggression, he created ICE, the Patriot Act, and mismanaged Hurricane Katrina, all of which resulted in countless African and other Brown Indigenous Peoples deaths. But Bush’s image has been rebranded thanks specifically to Michelle Obama, and this is the trick. The idea of unity, the idea that we are all in this together as amerikkkans and that if we just get a seat at the table we can all get along. Representation does not equal liberation and amerikkka knows this and utilizes the facade of unity and amerikkkanism to fool the masses into believing that we should all be on the same side as amerikkkans.

There is truth and there are lies, lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders, leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation, to defend the truth and defeat the lies

Joe Biden

Just as the new fascist colonial president has said, there are truth and there are lies. The lie is that we are amerikkkans, the lie is that the constitution was written and intended to work for the people, the lie is that “this land is our land” and that amerikkka should even exist. The truth is that this is a settler-colonial experiment, the truth is that amerikkkanism is the vehicle for the lies to prevail, the truth is that we are stolen people on stolen land and amerikkka is hell-bent on the destruction of African and other Brown Indigenous Peoples.

The inauguration was just another episode meant to swell that problematic patriotism that allows for amerikkka to continue its lies, continue its exploitation, continue its evil and murderous policies and practices. Biden has already revealed his plan to re-open schools, how is that any different than what Trump and his team said? Biden has already stated he is not for M4A, already said the people aren’t asking for a handout; these policies fall right in line with Trump, Obama, Bush, and the list goes on. Because again the facade of amerikkka is that there are two sides in politics: republicans and democrats. In reality those political parties are both loyal to the same things: capitalism, white supremacy, and amerikkkanism. There is one truth about amerikkkan politics however, there are two sides: those who are seeking liberation and those who are still under the spell of amerikkkanism. The time to learn is now, the time to organize is now, as this administration begins to lead please keep the same passion and energy for politics you just had for this election; because if amerikkka has taught us anything, it sure knows how to rebrand it’s evils and convince you to suffer in silence.

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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