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I pray, because I am prey, so I move cautiously

Every time I see lights, my heart pounds, stomach turns nauseously

I know I am prey — prey to an unforgiving bullet

Pursued by those with badges, triggers & impunity when they pull it

Hands up, don’t move, where are the drugs & weapons

Gazing in his glare I see my demise on a YouTube video marker viewer discretion

I am prey. I have accepted that, “but why do you feel that way?”

How would you feel when guns are drawn & riot gear is on display?

Didn’t you know my curly hair justifies arrest?

My medium brown skin makes me undeserving of due process

I pray everyday that I can prolong my 21st century martyrdom

Because the American public will only see my African features which has hardened ‘em

I am prey to the American dream, I am prey, truthfully, because I am their nightmare

I am lost & therefore prey in the wilderness of America so no I can’t fight fair

I bomb in their books by learning my history, I attack in the classroom

Teaching the youth, so they wanna fire me, saying my thoughts are spreading mass doom

I wage war by raising Black babies to raise their Black fist proud

I am prey because despite what they’ve told me about my Blackness I still scream my truth out loud

I pray that I survive to continue as prey in this savage strange land

Because it means I’m living the revolution so they want to see me as a hanged man

Silenced, violence is what they serve me when I ordered justice

When we demand our citizenship rights that are written, they bust us

So while we are hunted we don’t hide, we stand proud with a price on our head

Knowing we’re prey, we pray, & fight, filled with love also knowing white supremacy ain’t dead!

Pray for us, the prey

Written by

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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