The Eve of The Election

Tension on The night before the election

But what does that mean when there’s no moral selection

How can I choose between evils when my people the ones who reap the costs

Liberation by any means, revolution is coming, we suffered too many lives lost

So while red & blue battle it out with sicker tactics than the streets

Remember my words whether Biden wins or Trump repeats

The matrix must end, the failed ameriKKKan experiment must be abolished

The Land of Milk & Honey is the Land of Liberation & Love which is my only solace

On the eve of the election, No matter who wins tomorrow we still won’t be free

Not free from the grip of oppression in the land of death or liberty

Stolen people on stolen land, maybe that’s why we still living in captivity

Unable to even see the colonizers traps they have set intentionally

The Black Elite Won’t Save Us, they have also chosen their coin over the culture,

Profits over the people, business over Blackness

They are vultures of the worst flock, treasonous to the liberation struggle, which brings me deep sadness

How can you choose to look away from the people in need of love?

So sure vote if you want but please don’t think that’s enough

Build a new world free from the bondages of hate & greed

A world rooted in an undying radical love, and its up to us to lead

So on the eve of the election although the country may be on edge

I politely remind Black folxs not to lose their head

We have yet to see an election serve us well

So no matter who wins on the 3rd on the 4th be prepared to fight like hell

Written by

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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