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As the world is busy letting out a giant sigh of relief that Donald Trump has appeared to lose the presidential election, we, the victims of colonial terror must be careful. Be careful that the world doesn’t look away and continue to allow the human rights violations occurring everyday due to this fascist colonial government to be swept away under the guise of “returning to normal.” We must be careful to study history and understand the spike in white vigilantism that is likely to occur without any sort of protection from a colonial government. We must be careful to understand we are still a colonized people in a world colonized by evil imperial capitalists. As a history teacher I teach about colonizers and colonial governments all the time, and never have I once found that a group of colonizers were not a fascist regime. From the Continent to Puerto Rico, Haiti and Cuba, even all the way to Guåhan in the Pacific, every single time colonizers come they have the same routine and the same MO — colonial forces occupy the land and use violence to keep the people subjugated.

To understand how colonial forces work first we must examine some language around colonizers and occupation. Occupation is “the action, state, or period of occupying or being occupied by military force.” Thanks to military propaganda we know what occupation looks like in other countries: we see military bases, soldiers patrolling and controlling the population through their sheer presence. We can see this in Palestine where U.S.backed Israeli forces terrorizing and occupying Palestinian land. We see this on the Continent through AFRICOM, or any of the other 400+ military bases in more than 70 countries around the globe. Just like the U.S. uses the military to enforce colonial occupation globally we see the same tactics domestically as well. This is why it is so critical for us to identify and understand the ways in which the U.S. and the rest of the west utilizes colonial occupation to oppress Africans and Indigenous peoples. As we study history we see how colonial occupation looks in regards to race, “The loose patrolling of whites in the colonies, he explained to his brother, had accustomed the white population to do as they saw fit and made it dangerous for a governor suddenly ‘to oppose them too strongly’. If white colonial society was policed rigorously — if they were punished for murdering or torturing slaves — they might rise in revolt or try to court the English.”

Consider the level of police occupation throughout our communities, especially in BIPOC neighborhoods. While militarized police agencies patrol and occupy our streets just like the US military does globally, white supremacist “vigilantes” are allowed to cause terror with little to no resistance from these domestic colonial forces. In order for colonial governments to work most effectively it is in their best interests to pit all those being held captive against each other and creating a class system, often based on race, to re-enforce the policies of colonial terror. This isn’t anything new, colonial governments have been running the same playbook and yet we still deny our colonial status. Police and white supremacist institutions continue to utilize these practices yet tell us we are “free,” despite the fact we know that there is no such thing as second class citizens. Citizens are granted rights and given protection under the government and history tells us in very simple terms that there are no protections afforded for Africans and Indigenous people in this country or abroad.

“Colonial subjects have their political decisions made for them by the colonial masters, and those decisions are handed down directly or through a process of “indirect rule.” Politically, decisions which affect black lives have always been made by white people.”

Kwame Ture

From the constant and aggressive occupation of our neighborhoods to the inhumane budgets drafted by elected officials, all are pieces of evidence of our colonization. There are no political decisions that the people are able to make, even when they follow the steps laid out for them by this colonial government. Voting has been pushed as a direct line to change; the vote has been pointed to as a legitimate source of political action but what material return has it yielded our colonized communities? What decision do you have when both major parties are violently and aggressively murdering African and Indigenous folxs all over the world? Colonized people must seek self-determination to abolish those holding power over them. Look no further than the foundation of this settler colonial state. Those who saw themselves as “Americans” did not wish to have the British crown making decisions over their lives, whether it was the price of tea and sugar or the decision on who would create the laws that governed the land and so they fought with all they had for sovereignty. It is our duty to throw off our sense of national pride in Amerikkka, time to gain an understanding of our Indigenous roots whether we are Indigneous to Africa or other Third World countries.

“There is no “American dilemma” because Black people in this country form a colony, and it is not in the interest of the colonial power to liberate them. Black people are legal citizens of the United States with, for the most part, the same legal rights as other citizens. Yet they stand as colonial subjects concerning the white society. Thus institutional racism has another name: colonialism.”

Kwame Ture

Once we recognize the fact that Amerikkka is still under colonial rule it is now possible to understand the necessity for a Pan-African internationalist framework. Those under the colonial rule of the west must realize they are not Amerikkkan and they never will be, “There are two clauses in the Constitution which point directly and specifically to the negro race as a separate class of persons, and show clearly that they were not regarded as a portion of the people or citizens of the Government then formed”. Through understanding our status as colonial subjects we can begin to study other movements from colonized peoples and can begin to build coalitions and relationships with our comrades who are fighting the evil of these oppressive imperialists.

It is our duty to fight for Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty domestically and globally in order to bring about a liberated world. How can we as people proclaim to love freedom yet support any country or politician who seeks to steal away the sovereignty of another human being? How can you be in support of democracy yet not allow a people to control their own land and government? The hypocrisy is resounding, the evil of colonialism must be defeated and it can only be dismantled as more and more of us wake up to the fact that we are truly not free while these oppressive regimes exist.

“Imperialism, which is the highest stage of capitalism, will continue to flourish in different forms as long as conditions permit it. Though its end is certain, it can only come about under pressure of nationalist awakening and an alliance of progressive forces which hasten its end and destroy its conditions of existence.”


Written by

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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