Ready or not here I come, you can’t hide

Dismissing my pain & anger as if we don’t know about those who have died

Constrained by the constitution that was written with the blood of Africans — my ancestors

The evil infection of the empire continues to exist & it festers

The very core of amerikkka is rotten, blood at the root — it’s true

Stolen people on stolen land — how would you respond if this country was at war with you?

Poverty pimps pushing the people’s pain for their personal profit — y’all fxckin sick

I’m just tryna stand on the shoulders of the radicals before me dating back to the prophets

Feed the people, teach the people, touch the people, love the people

That mean you gotta be in the field & walk among the people

If you ain’t realize why I get so passionate

It’s because I refuse to believe there isn’t a better world worth imaging

So call me crazy, call me foolish but please take the time to understand

That I’m gon live & die on the politic I stand on because that’s how I was raised to be a man

Black Educator — Music Lover — Former Athlete Turned Coach — Unapologetic — Political Scientist — African

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