Who am I?

Just an African, fighting amerikkkan lies

A field nigga trapped on the plantation of amerikkka, the axis of evil

Willing to live, willing to fight, willing to struggle for the people

Liberation in our lifetime, the Continent must be set free

I long for the destruction of this evil fascist empire from sea to shining sea

The land of war criminals and genocide, amerikkkanism is a disease

Victims of Stockholm syndrome, just look at what the people believe

Who am I?

Just an African fighting amerikkkan lies

Propagandized genocide, amerikkkas fascism will never subside

No matter how many neo-colonial agents are elected on either side

Representation leading to repression, Malcolm told us we’ve been had

Believing in the hope of Black politicians like these traitors ever had our backs

Assimilation into the empire comes with an acceptance of murder

As the level of violence raises its propels their career further

Who am I?

An African fighting amerikkkan lies

A Black man trapped in the wilderness of amerikkka fighting for my life

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